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Who are our partners?

As a part of our mission to create opportunities for those passionate about health, fitness and sports, we wanted to create partnerships and build relationships with brands that share our love for the industries together with the mission of helping people live happier, healthier and more active lives. 

With that in mind, we've joined forces with 3 amazing South African brands as we embark on our journey in the health and fitness industry. 

Our partners have been incredible enough to offer all Forte Specialists a special discount on their product as an added benefit to being a part of our growing community.



Founded out of frustration of not finding quality local manufactured gym apparel that fits well and most importantly, lasts, Gym Nerd set out on a  mission to become a leader in locally manufactured, premium quality, fitness apparel while delivering a unique customer experience.

South African premium brand that focuses on 6 important components:​

  1. Be unique and different in every possible way

  2. It must be an all-inclusive brand

  3. Manufacturing and design must be of premium quality

  4. Be a proudly South-African company by keeping all manufacturing local

  5. Listen to the customer and their needs

  6. The customer experience must be exceptional



Native Grip was started out of a passion for adventure, fitness, functionality and freedom. Our aim is to inspire, motivate and unlock individual freedom through means of training.

Native Grip is much more than just your ordinary fitness brand. Our aim has been to inspire the uninspired, motivate the unmotivated, reignite the flames that have been burnt out and give every individual that extra push to do things they have always wanted to do.

The meaning behind our slogan "freedom training" is to take a firm grip on your own freedom and do all the things you never knew you were capable of.

Native Grip
Harvest Table


We have sourced the best quality products from across the globe that will allow you to increase your nutritional spectrum. Whether you decide to replace one meal a day with our ancient shake or to add one of our boosters to your shakes or smoothies, add bone broth to your soups or stews or collagen into your coffee, you can be assured every Harvest Table product you purchase will be an investment into your health and wellbeing.

Building a business based on integrity and with a greater purpose than the financial gain is a non-negotiable for me. Our vision is to not only create beautiful, pure, wholesome products packaged on earth consciously but to shift the lives of our customers positively by educating them and helping them to make better food choices daily.

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