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The importance of instructors for beginners.

If you’re interested in starting a new sport, hobby or fitness discipline, we’re sure you will agree with us when we say IT CAN BE INCREDIBLY DAUNTING! It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult, a teen or a child, taking that step into the unknown is wildly nerve-wracking.

Now imagine this… It’s the start of a new year and you’ve decided to start living a healthier and more active lifestyle, so what do you do? You take the initiative and you sign up at the nearest gym. GREAT, the first step is now complete.

But wait, the time has come to start going. It’s day 1, you’re filled with enthusiasm, you’re dressed in your new activewear, you make your way to the gym, you walk in and BAM… the anxiety hits. You look at the weights section and all you see is a cloud of testosterone hanging over the gym floor, machines you’ve never seen before, the sound of weights clattering and muscle-bound men grunting away. So what do you do next? You’ll probably make your way to the cardio section and as you step onto a treadmill, all the Instagram reels you’ve watched of people tripping and falling off come to mind.

On top of all of that, you’ve watched countless YouTube videos and have developed an idea of what your workout program should be like, but you struggle with implementation and accountability because let’s be honest, you’re nervous as hell.

So the question we often get asked is… how can a trainer/instructor make my journey as a beginner easier? The answer really consists of two main factors.

  1. Motivation and inspiration As we’ve mentioned, the gym in itself can be a very intimidating environment. Personal Trainers and fitness instructors are exceptional at making them less intimidating and more motivating. When you connect with a top-quality trainer, you develop more than just a professional relationship with them, but more of a personal one. They learn to understand what makes you tick, what motivates and what doesn’t. They possess the emotional intelligence to be able to adjust workouts based on your moods and energy levels. The best trainers have the ability to inspire action, ease nerves and increase comfort levels.

  2. Guidance and leadership Instructors are there to educate you and guide you through your journey ensuring that each and every exercise and movement is performed to the best of your ability. This not only helps drive progress but reduces the risk of injury. If you’re a person that intends to go to the gym and lift weights or do some form of body weight exercise, doing so correctly is vitally important to your ability to progress. Any injury along the way can set you back and hamper progress for unpredictable windows of time.

Finding a specialist instructor that understands you, your needs and your limitations can be really challenging. Forte App helps simplify that process for you. Select from over 100 specialist instructors across South Africa and start, or enhance, your health and fitness journey with the guidance of one of South Africa’s best.

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