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  • Michele Marrai

Why did we start Forte?

When you think about the needs/wants that are most important to you, I’m almost certain that two of those needs/wants include the prioritisation and importance of your health and the relationships you hold near to you.

But why do we as a society struggle to build relationships with specialist instructors or coaches in our preferred health, fitness and sporting disciplines?

Having played and coached various sports at various levels, we saw how difficult it was for individuals to find specialist instructors that best matched their personalities, learning styles, and goals.

The challenge of finding the perfect specialist instructor to work with isn’t a new problem. It has existed for years and it’s only becoming more challenging. With the availability and accessibility of high-quality education becoming more affordable, more individuals around the world are able to pursue their passions and interests in sports and fitness as coaches and instructors, resulting in an extremely saturated marketplace of health, fitness and sports specialists. So how do you find the best one for you?

Historically individuals would use the following tools to find a specialist to work with:

  • Advertising boards at their sports/fitness club — Whilst suitable if the location was the priority in your decision-making process, the boards often offered limited options and may not have been the best fit for them.

  • Google Search — Driven by keywords, optimal SEO and paid ads, google search considers service offerings over everything else over the skills, experience and personal compatibility.

  • Peer Referrals — “If my friend goes to them, they must be able to help me.” A misconception that has existed for generations. Especially at beginner and intermediate levels where personal experience and knowledge are somewhat limited.

  • Social Media — With the world of social media becoming the biggest global marketing tool, we are constantly exposed to service providers. Whilst a lot of them are very credible, a lot of them aren’t. So how does one make a confident decision when initiating a working relationship with a service provider?

So with the abundance of information available to everyone, how do you decide which specialist is best for you? Difficult, right? That’s why we built Forte. Forte is a mobile application that helps individuals make the best decisions possible when looking for and deciding to work with a health and fitness specialist. We’ve done this through the creation of a marketplace that allows individuals to view specialists in their area and get a detailed view of their experience, skills, areas of specialisation, pricing and locations. We built Forte because we wanted to create a platform that optimises the decision making process all while creating an efficient experience when searching for a specialist, booking an appointment, making payments and completing a session. It’s important to remember that Forte is more than a marketplace, our primary mission for Forte is to create a platform that builds high-performance relationships between athletes and specialists. We’ve seen that relationships are the driving force behind the success of all successful sportsmen and women, business people and the everyday individual, so why should it be different in sports and fitness? If you’re looking for a health and fitness professional best suited to your needs, download Forte today. In our next blog we’ll dive deeper into the value of the relationship between an athlete and a specialist, so please subscribe to our blog if you wish to be kept up to date on future postings.

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