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Women's Month Feature - Cherise Serfontein

As we’ve entered the month of August, AKA Women's Month, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing female specialists that offer their services on our platform.

In today's Specialist Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Cherise Serfontein.

Cherise is a passionate biokineticist based in Pretoria. Her day-to-day clientele includes dealing with multiple different conditions including chronic pain management and injury rehabilitation. She has a keen interest in women’s health: pregnancy, PCOS, post-mastectomy rehabilitation etc. and strives to help her patients overcome illness and injury by moving – movement truly heals. We also took the opportunity to ask Cherise a couple of questions and here is what she had to say.

F: What made you want to become a health and fitness professional?

C: I fell in love with the science of life very early on in my life. From dinosaurs as a child to the human body as a high school student. Even today as a health care practitioner - I am still amazed by the human body every day. Along with that, I always knew I wanted to play a role in helping others. I absolutely love working with others to not only improve their quality of living but also to help them see their true potential. As a biokineticist, you can only provide guidance – the patient has to put in the work. The hours are long and the profession is tough but what makes it worth it is seeing patients enable themselves to reach their goals by simply showing up and being consistent.

F: How do you stand out among the rest?

C: I pride myself on the fact that I truly care about every person that walks through my practice doors. I want the best for my patients – I want them to thrive! I want my patients to walk away from our treatment not only educated on their condition but also on how to manage it. This requires quite an intrinsic understanding of human anatomy and physiology – which means a lot of research articles and late nights, but I absolutely love learning along the way.

F: What tips would you give to other women wanting to enter the industry?

C: You can’t do this alone – and that’s totally okay. Make sure to reach out to other professionals in the industry for guidance and support if you need it. I refer clients to other specialists when I don’t see the progress I expected. This is so important because we are all trained in different modalities – what works for one person doesn’t work for the other. When you have a network of professionals you trust, your patient or client will always be in good hands – and that’s kind of the point, right? Happy patients = happy Cherise!

As you can imagine, Cherise has dedicated a lot of time and effort to mastering her craft and helping others live happier and healthier lives. If you wish to book Cherise for a session, you can do so directly through the Forte App by visiting her profile or by visiting her website.

Stay tuned for your specialist features in the coming days.

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