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Women's Month Feature - Geraldine Calitz

Today we celebrate another one of our fantastic women in health and fitness. So without keeping you waiting too long, we would like to introduce you to Geraldine Calitz. Geraldine is a Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor who is passionate about helping women to become the best versions of themselves. Having previously suffered from an eating disorder, Geraldine was determined to take control of her health and this has gone on to ignite her interest in helping others to become their best selves. As a female in health and fitness, she finds joy in helping people succeed, helping people reach their goals and helping them become better versions of themselves.

The motto she lives by is “DO YOUR BEST TO BE YOUR BEST!” Keep reading to find out what makes Geraldine the woman she is today.

F: What made you want to become a health and fitness professional?

G: In 2018 I was able to change my life through fitness, after having suffered from an eating disorder. I started training and I fell in love with how my body changed. I knew at that moment that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life… help others to achieve the same changes and health benefits that helped me.

F: How do you stand out among the rest?

G: As many people know the fitness industry is an overly saturated market. I believe I stand out due to my unique skill set. I want what is best for my clients without promising Quick fixes and fad diets. My goal at the end of the day is to ensure my clients walk away from working with me with all of the knowledge that I have obtained about their bodies and the workings thereof. My Goal is to Coach you until you no longer require a coach.

F: What tips would you give to other women wanting to enter the fitness industry?

G: Stay in your own lane and be yourself. Don’t compare yourself or your business to anybody else. Ask for guidance where necessary and look for inspiration but don’t copy what others are doing. Make sure that you and your clients enjoy the process as the journey is just as important as the destination.

Geraldine is a fantastic health and fitness instructor based in Pretoria and is available for online sessions via Zoom or Google meets. She has studied and completed multiple courses through the Trifocus Fitness academy and as a result, has a wealth of knowledge in personal fitness, nutrition and exercise science. To book a session with Geraldine, simply visit her profile on the Forte App.

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